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A  New STAR Is Born

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CARAVAN CITY SALES are  Proud to Introduce another Addition of New Caravan to our "Fold",

The NOVA Caravan , we are Officially the : 
Exclusive Far North NSW and South East QLD Agents For The Exciting New NOVA Caravan.

At Caravan City Sales we are a long established Dealership with extensive knowledge of the Caravan Industry .
Experienced in Custom Designing, Sales, Pre Delivery, and Towing, and a background of repairing.
We have been agents for 6 Years for the Successful Olympic Caravans, which we will continue to stock.

In The NOVA Caravan we See an Exciting New Approach To Interior Design and Styling. The People that own and run NOVA Caravans are Qualified Caravan Builders ,With Over 50 years Combined Experience in the Caravan Manufacturing Industry.

When you walk into the NOVA you sense a European Influence. With Beautiful smooth lines, Stylish Hand crafted Timber Curved Cabinetry and Modern fresh decor, you cant help but feel that "wow factor" .

The NOVA oozes quality, and you can see the builders' know their way around a caravan. There are no short cuts taken with fixtures and fittings,  fantastic attention to detail , thoughtful placement of cupboards and storage, and the inclusion of the most popular "extras" all fitted STANDARD !! .... Plus there are many more available as options...

At Present There are 8 Popular Standard Lay-outs available, But Nova will do Changes to these..
VITA is the Usualy Nova Range, Includes the Standard Layouts & Custom Building Available.
REVIVOR Range, 5 Great Layouts, Choice of Colours, Popular Standard Inclusions.
Great Prices, Limited Changes To Layouts.
Stellar & Pride are the Top Of Range Model with Some Exclusive Inclusions & Colours Only Available to These Models. Custom Designing is a Speciality in These Models.

At Caravan City Sales , we Specialise in Custom Design, Most of Our Lay-Outs Are Unique... 

Nova Offers a 12mth Factory Backed Warranty, All Warranty is Carried Out By Qualified Authourised Repairers,
Most Dealers Specialise in Sales ONLY.
Extended Warranty Through Premium Warranties Australia is Also Available.
Nova VITA ,Stellar & Pride Caravans Are a Custom Build Brand, Although 8 Standard Layouts are Displayed on Brochure, The Number of Layout Configurations Is Endless. All Prices are Quoted On Individual Caravans, taking into consideration the exact Requirements & Extras Required by the Customer.

We Attend All S.E. QLD & N.NSW Caravan Shows..See Caravan City Sales at
Gold Coast Show March,
Brisbane Caravan Show June'., Lismore Show July....
NOVA Caravans will also be at Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide Shows

You Will See Caravan City Sales with a Large Display of New NOVA Caravans at the QLD Caravan & Camping Show

For Further Information and Brochures  on the NOVA Caravan
please contact  us :
by email
or Phone 02 66216670


Every once in a while, there comes along a "Something" that is just too good to refuse. With Nova Caravans we believe that we have that "Something".

With a combined total of over 50 years experience the principals of Nova, have brought to the marketplace a truly unique and luxurious range of touring caravans. What you will see when you inspect the Nova is a bounty of standard features the others call options. From the elegantly styled cabinet work right through to the dual battery system, the Nova is packed full of quality features, advantages and benefits.
This truly is a van that should be high on your shopping list.


General Info | Gallery & Interiors | Layouts | Custom Designs

General Info | Gallery & Interiors | Custom Designs
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